Reaction To The Last Blog . . .

So I guess you all liked the last 2 blogs, thank you. This is the most I have ever blogged in one day, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but you lot all seem to like it which is reassuring. I’m just glad some of my words you can relate to otherwise you wouldn’t think my blogs are ‘ace’ right?? I do have a special request for you people who actually read my stuff, feel free to leave comments on the blogs you like. I often wonder which reader liked what part of my blog and I sometimes wonder why anyone would follow my rubbish blogs. My blogs are just thoughts that pass rapidly through my mind and often I totally forget my thoughts, hence blogging I guess a good reminder for me like a big note to self!

I have Facebook and Twitter but even though I’m constantly on Facebook I do actually prefer typing on here, you get more people from around the world discovering your thoughts, ideas and opinions. It’s a weird one because on Facebook if a random person tries to add me I automatically decline like they will invade my life and my wall. It’s like an irrational fear of the unknown. The reality is I actually speak more of my mind blogging on here than I do on Facebook. As for Twitter do say random stuff on there but It’s not as productive as blogging on here is and I hate word limits so for me this is perfect. A strange combination of Facebook and Twitter, minus me declining strangers and actually embracing new people and how we can all connect in some way. It’s amazing to think that we can connect to people we may never meet but may share a common interest and It’s through that interest or opinion that we are connected and can relate to one another.

I love checking my emails and seeing all you lovely people, so like I said leave some comments id love to read your views and opinions, if I stop social networking I shall try my best to check out people’s blogs and see what you all have to say. Life with no limits x


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